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    Key Shareholders of Global Benefits Georgia are Global Benefits Group (GBG) and Georgian Industrial Group (GIG).

    Global Benefits Group (GBG)

    Global Benefits Group is a leading integrated provider of international benefits insurance, operating globally across over 120 jurisdictions. The Group trades principally as “The Global Benefits Group”. The Group distributes and underwrites health, life and disability, and travel insurance, with a client base that spans multinational corporations, expatriates, local HNWIs, international schools, non-profit organisations and international students. The Group is a fully integrated insurance group providing services from policy sales to claims administration and servicing and is committed to delivering high levels of customer service.


    The Group operates across the insurance value chain, thereby seeking to ensure that it controls the customer experience throughout the policy lifecycle including arranging the provision of any assistance services and claims processing and 24/7 special assistance solution together with more than 10 000 highest standard medical providers across the world. 

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    Georgian Industrial Group (GIG)

    With over 20 years of experience GIG is one of the largest industrial holdings in Georgia. The company employees more than 3000 staff members and generates combined annual sales revenues of USD 160 m.



    GIG has diversified business portfolio with a clear focus on the energy sector including: Electricity generation and trading, Coal mining, CNG refueling and natural gas trading. The company is also involved in commercial real estate, construction materials, beverages and metal works.


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