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    Key shareholders of Global Benefits Georgia are Global Benefits Group (GBG), the leading international medical insurance provider and Georgian Industrial Group (GIG), Georgian Holding Company.
    “Global Benefits Group” is the leading US based international life & health insurance provider. The company has over 36 years of successful operational experience and its representative office are located in over 120 countries across the globe. GBG is listed on the London Stock Exchange where its shares are traded.
    “Georgian Industrial Group” is one of the largest holding companies in Georgia with over 20 years of experience and more than 4000 employees and annual sales revenue of $160m.

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    ავტოდაზღვევა წლიური 1.5%-დან

    სიახლე ავტომფლობელთათვის!

    დააზღვიეთ ავტომობილი  წლიური 1.5%-დან.

    დააზღვიეთ კომფორტი, ყველაზე კომფორტული პირობებით.


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